They say everything comes to those who will wait
But with that I cannot agree
I went in a post office once for a stamp
The girl took no notice of me
Some fellow was whispering love in her ears
Said I, 'Miss, have you heard that song,
'It may be for ever, it may be for years?
In other words, shall you be long?

Chorus: 'I'll call when you're not so busy.'
She still took no notice of me
I waited from ten till eleven
And then went to sleep until three
I found her still talking to him when I woke
So I said, 'You'll pardon me Lizzie
I've waited from ten till three for a stamp
I'll call when you're not so busy.'

I went to a butcher's shop one day for a joint
Well, a part of a joint, I should say
Fourpenn'orth of steak, but then that's not the point
I said, 'I want steak for a pie.' 'What' said he
'For a pie? I suppose that means for you.'
They served everyone in the shop except me
So I thought, 'Now what shall I do?'

Chorus: 'I'll call when they're not so busy.'
But ere I could get to the door
A chap cried, 'Weigh up here' and hit me
With a big leg of pork on the jaw
I fell in the brine-tub - when they fished me out
They said, 'What's for you, Mr Prizzey?'
I said, 'Well, I think I've got all I require
I'll call when you're not so busy.'

There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip
I'll cite you a case of my own
I called on my barber today - Mr Snip
But found him by no means alone
I counted a dozen or more, I daresay
I thought, 'Well, I dunno, I'm sure
I don't want to stick about here all the day
And said, as I made for the door,

Chorus: 'I'll call when you're not so busy.'
The barber said, 'Don't go away.'
I said, Yes, I've heard about you, though
I know if I stop I shall stay
But while we were arguing, his razor slipped
I felt myself going quite dizzy
He cut the chap's neck - said, 'You're next' I said 'No,
I'll call when you're not so busy.'
Written and composed by F. Leo - 1904
Performed by Dion Wade (d. 1919)
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