The following gestures are recommended as given after each line, below.
As you walk along the line, ….. Point down street.
Any night when it is fine, ….. Look upwards.
You will meet the prettiest girls in all the State, ….. Wink eye.
Who look so sweet and neat, ….. Extend arms.
Have the daintiest little feet ….. Look at your feet.
And their dresses are of latest cut and make. ….. Look at your dress.
In their eyes there shines a light ….. Laughing eyes.
Like the stars above, so bright, ….. Look up.
Beaming on you with true love and tenderness, ….. Nod head slightly to side.
They are like a jewel, rare, ….. Extend arms.
Lovely and most fair, ….. Extend arms.
And will fill a home with love and happiness.    
I'll meet you love along the line, ….. Point down street.
If the night is clear and fine, ….. Point and look up.
Arm in arm we'll stroll along, ….. Arm extended.
Singing together love's sweetest song. ….. Arm extended.
Do not keep me waiting, love, ….. Warning finger.
To you I'm true as the stars above, ….. Nod head towards someone.
Oh, my love I pine for thee, ….. Look emploring, extend arms.
Thy sweet face I long to see. ….. Extend both hands.
If you are your mama's joy, ….. Point warning finger.
Be you either girl or boy, ….. Point warning finger.
Be careful how you act along the line. ….. Shake finger.
It will never do to greet ….. Shake your head.
Every stranger that you meet, ….. Shake your head.
Go off and have a high and jolly time. ….. Point thumb over shoulder.
The pace perhaps is fast, ….. Warning finger.
You know it cannot last, ….. Nod heads slightly forward.
So take a friendly warning in good time. ….. Warning finger.
Be modest in your talk, ….. Warning finger.
Careful with whom you walk, ….. Warning finger.
And a pleasant time you'll have along the line. ….. Nod head on 'you'll have'.
For best effect for this song you should  use long coat, high hat and cane.
Written and composed by Joseph A. Gruber - 1900
Performed by Jenny Hill (1849-1896)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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