While at hostilities
I showed my abilities,
In different directions, don't you know,
Now I feel so parky,
Since I left my khaki,
For in khaki I was very warm, what ho!
I've been decorated, decorated in the field,
Tho' in the field may seem a funny place,
Perhaps you think I'm fibbing,
If you like I'll show my ribbon,
I can also show a dainty bit of lace:

Chorus: I've been a Waac,
I've been a Wren,
I've done my bit like all the men.
At driving cars I'm not a dunce,
At driving I've been lucky, only had a puncture once.
I've been to France,
I ttok a chance,
As a land girl I have even milked a cow.
There's nothing I haven't done
Under the sun,
But I'm a good girl now.

My folks were surprised
When I got demobilised,
My trousers I gave brother Jack,
My dresses are now 'V' shape,
All the johnnies at me gape,
Then they murmur, 'Say, we're glad to see you're back!
I've been complimented for the way I carried on,
And I'll carry on till I get carried off,
If I'm lucky I'll get matey,
With some nice old man of eighty,
Some old fossil with a fortune and a cough.


PDF Sheet Music
Words by F.E. Cliffe & M. Marcelle - Music by L. Silberman - 1919
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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