I'm always being snubbed I am. If I should dare to speak
The simplest question I may ask is put off for a week
I only said to Mater once, 'Please may I have a beau?'
Said she, 'My pet, oh no, not yet, 'cos you're too young to know.

Chorus: I'm a little too young to know, you know
I'm a little too young to know.
Some day I'll be bolder when I'm a bit older
But now I'm too young to know.

I've got a little brother and he's only three weeks old
He's always wrapped in flannel too to keep him from the cold
My Daddy says he bought him cheap but he did scold me though
He wouldn't tell me what it cost, 'cos I'm too young to know.


And I once asked Mamma about some ladies nicely dressed
They call them fairies, I've been told. I've seen them up the West
The fairies in the books I've read had wings that they could show
And after dark were never seen. Why, I'm too young to know.


My brother's got a sweetheart, I thought I'd have a lark
One night when they were love making I put them in the dark
But why they seemed so pleased at it and didn't scold, oh no
And gave me too a shilling each. Why, I'm too young to know.

Performed by Ada Reeve (1874-1966)
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