Oh, I say, have you seen my girl knocking about
She's a maiden divine - my Trilby
Such a face, such a form, such a voice
A knockout! How I would she were mine, sweet Trilby
She has been hypnotiz'd, mesmeriz'd, dramtiz'd
But she'll never be mine, I'm afraid
For I've lost her, the darling - mislaid her - can't find her
She's either lost, stolen, or strayed.

Chorus: I'm looking for Trilby, looking for Trilby dear
Trilby the sweet - dear little feet
Fix'd up in sandals remarkably neat
The nearest approach to an angel that anything can be
I never will be content without Trilby
And Trilby will still be quite lost without me.

She's got eyes just as bright as a comet at night
Eyes that pierce like a dart - sweet Trilby
And her waist - there's no waste! - is so slender, so slight
She is dear to my heart - my Trilby
Oh! her voice when she sings, 'La, la, la, la, la, la,
She's as frisky and free as a colt
But she's vanished - she's vanished, and my hopes are banished
My Trilby has done a 'Ben Bolt'.


Surely I heard her voice, soft as dove's gentle coo?
My Trilby is near - sweet Trilby
Du Maurier's masterpiece soon I shall view
My angel - my dear - my Trilby
Oh! this cannot be Baird - I mean borne - for I feel
So sad that she comes not to me
My poor heart is the lone-est, through Trilby, my ownest
Oh! Beerbohm, I'm still up a tree!

Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1895
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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