Excuse me shouting out like this and making all this noise
I've finished up with college life, now I'm one of the boys
I mean to paint the town tonight and give each girl a wink
Britons never shall be slaves so let your glasses chink.

Chorus: I'm 21 today, 21 today
I've got the key of the door
Never been 21 before
And Pa says I can do, as I like
So shout, Hip Hip Hooray
He's a jolly good fellow
21 today.

I got my temper up today and smacked a policeman's face
Then he took me to Bow Street, where the judge said, “What's the case?
What has this great big bully done?” His face grew quite a length
I said, “I smacked the policeman's face, I've overgrown my strength.”


I called in to a wax-works show, where the figures they all stood
I saw Queen Mary and the Shah, and sweet Red Riding Hood
I also saw the fat girl, there, and she cried out in alarm
“I'd like to kiss your baby face” I said, “Well, there's no harm.”


I've had a gay time up to now; I've been into the ‘Cri'
I played a game of billiards, to the marker, then, said I
“How is the game, please tell me sir?” He said, “You're twenty three.”
I said “I don't wish to be rude, but if you'll pardon me.”


A girl stopped me in Leicester Square and cried, “I'm full of glee
I'd love to marry you young man, but one thing's stopping me.”
She said, “Why don't you grow a beard?” I said “May I be hung,
I wouldn't mind a fair moustache, but, for whiskers, I'm too young.

Written and composed by Alec Kendal - 1911
Performed by Jack Pleasants (1874-1924)
Performed by Albert Whelan (1875-1962)
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