If you want to sing a love song
And make a success now-a-days
You must shout a Chorus: until you are hoarse
And meet a nice girl in the Chorus: of course
The words of that Chorus: don't count
So long as the audience sing
It may be all piffle but that's not the point
So long as they sing that's the thing
Now I've got a Chorus, it's not very long
And here are the words, so you can't go far wrong.

Chorus: I'm waiting here for Kate
Here near the garden gate
She said she'd meet me at eight
My love for her is great
That's why I wish to state
I'll watch and wait for my fate
That's Kate near the garden gate at eight.

You've got lots of waiting to do
That is if you wait till she is here
I know Kate well, she lives o'er the way
I sang her the words of this Chorus today
I don't think that she liked it at all
For she answered, 'It's all very fine
To let people know I'm expected at eight
I don't finish work until nine'
She asked me to change the appointment, what rot!
I don't care a hang if she turns up on not.

Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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