(The Shoreditch Toff)
Ha, my dear friends, pray 'ow de do, I 'opes I see's yer well
Perhaps you don't know who I is, well I'm the Eastern Swell
My chamber is in Shoreditch and I fancy I'm a toff
From top to toe I really think I looks Immenseikoff.

Chorus: Immenseikoff, Immenseikoff
Behold in me a Shoreditch Toff
A toff, a toff, a toff, a Shoreditch Toff
And I think myself Immenseikoff.

At skittles, bowls, and other games I licks 'em all to chalks
At anything where skill's required at first I always walks
You should see me playing billiards 'ow my figure I show off
No one can 'old a cue to me 'cos I'm Immensikoff.


For my togs I used to deal with Poole, but now in these hard times
I ain't now such a lively fool I get my things from Lynes
And 'e gives them to me cheaper 'cos 'E says I shows 'em off
And certainly I really think that I'm Immenseikoff.


With the fair sex, bless'em, need I say that I am number one
It's really quite a bore to me the way the girls do run
Not away from me but after me, ah, you may laugh and scoff
But I can tell you that the girls think me Immensikoff.


By Jingo, Jove, and Jupiter I can't stay here all night
But afore I leave this festive scene I wish to do what's right
That is to thank you one and all for your kindness to this Toff
Who 'opes that your applause tonight will be Immenseikoff.

Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
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