There's a time in each year that we always hold dear
Good old summertime
With the birds and the treeses and sweet scented breezes
Good old summertime
When your day's work is over then you are in clover
And life is one beautiful rhyme
No trouble annoying each one is enjoying
The good old Summer time.

Chorus: In the good old summer time
In the good old summer time
Strolling thro' the shady lanes, with your baby mine
You hold her hand and she holds yours and that's a very good sign
That she's your tootsie-wootsie
In the good old summer time.

To swim in the pool, you'd play 'hooky' from school
Good old summertime
You'd play 'ring-a rosie' with Jim, Kate and Josie
Good old summertime
Those days full of pleasure we now fondly treasure
When we never thought it a crime
To go stealing cherries, with faces brown as berries
Good old summertime.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Ren Shields & George Evans - 1902
Performed by Julie Mackey (b. 1893)
Performed by Blanche Ring (1876-1961)
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