If in London, mighty London, you should ever chance to be
You will meet the 'upper ten' there, Pillars of Society
See the military masher, who cuts such a noble dash
He may not have too much money, tho' profuse in his moustache

Chorus: See how nice, oh, so nice, on his top lip it curls
He's a don, yes upon my word with the girls
One is sure he is more than related to earls
So they say in the West End of London.

In the Mall a grand equipage with outriders may be seen
'Who is that distinguished person?' asks a country bumpkin green
'Don't you know him, what a juggins,' says a young man standing near
'Why it's good old Albert Edward. Now then, give the Prince a cheer.'

Chorus: He's a toff, yes a toff: he's one of the best
On the turf, or at home, with a good name he's blest
From the poor in the East and the rich in the West
There's a cheer for the Prince up in London.

'Old yer 'orse, sir,' cries a youngster, poorly fed and poorly clad
'Mind it for yer for a stiver,' says the little homeless lad
'Now move on there,' says a policeman, 'If you don't I'll run you in.'
And the little waif of London 'skips it' midst the noisy din.

Chorus: Now and then, we see men, of some great mission band
Who will toil for the blacks on a far distant strand
If they'd see to the waifs in our own native land
We should think much more of them, in London.

On a bridge that spans the river stands a tall but withered form
'Sixty years' he murmurs sadly, 'I have battled with the storm.'
He had fought at Balaclava, one of England's braves and gems
Ends his life like scores before him, in the depths of Father Thames.

Chorus: Let us hope that the men who are fighting this day
Who have stood for our good the fierce battle's fray
When they're old, in the cold, they are not cast away
They must not be left to starve, up in London .
Written and composed by F.V St Claire
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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