If you want to go and study 'uman nature
Why, a cabby's life is very 'ard to beat
For you're living in an open-air the-a-ter
When you're driving of your 'ansom in the street
And I think as I could tell some funny stories
If I took the time and trouble for to blab
Of the many sorts of fares
As I've studied unawares
A-drivin' in my 'ansom cab

Chorus: In my 'ansom, in my 'ansom
Oh it's no affair of mine to go an' blab
But I've seen some funny sights
Mornin's, afternoons and nights
A-drivin' in my 'ansom cab

There's a clergyman as once I recollect
Caught a trying on a little game of spoof
Saw 'im change 'is all-round collar an' 'is necktie
While I watched 'im through the trap that's in my roof
'E'd been dining tatur-tatur with a lady
Tarble-dotey at the 'Olborn Restorong
And was off to get a stall
At a spicy music-'all
For to watch the Tabby-low Veevong

Chorus: In my 'ansom, in my 'ansom
Oh it's no affair of mine to go an' blab
For it might 'ave been 'is aunt
Or another Mrs Chant
'E was drivin' in my 'ansom-cab!
Performed by Arthur Roberts (1852-1933)
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