As recorded by Harry Champion

These spats that I'm a-wearing, they belong to Uncle Joe.
I put 'em on just to make a bit o' show.
He went and kicked the bucket just a month or two ago.
He left 'em in his will to me.

Chorus: In my old white spats I walk along the street,
Walk along the street with my old white spats on,
Round the houses, in me flannel trousers,
In me old half-crown straw hat on,
And the kids all cry as I pass by,
High-diddly-eye-die comes another guy,
Harold with his old white spats on.

Once every year just to pass the time away,
I go down to Brighton just to spend a holiday,
And with the girls there fairly hold the sway,
They take me for the king of Spain.


Now I bought a turkey, I did, the other day,
Had it for our dinner straightaway.
When I got it done, they shouted out, "Hooray!"
The turkey laid an egg and cried:

Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942) - 1925
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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