The oriole with joy was sweetly singing
The little brook was babbling forth its tune
The village bells at noon were gaily singing
The world seemed brighter that a harvest moon
For there, within my arms, I gently pressed you
And blushing red you slowly turned away
I can't forget the way I once caressed you
I can't forget that happy bygone day,

Chorus: In the shade of the old apple tree
When the love in your eyes I could see
When the voice that I heard, like the song of a bird
Seemed to whisper sweet music to me
I could hear the dull buzz of the bee
In the blossoms as you said to me
"With a heart that is true
I'll be waiting for you
In the shade of the old apple tree.

In other lands I've wandered since we parted
I seek the garden fair beside the stream
I tread each well known pathway weary hearted
For all I see recalls the old sweet dream
No more on earth your loving smile will cheer me
No more on earth your dear face I shall see
Yet memories of the past are ever near me
And linger round the dear old apple tree,

PDF Sheet Music
Written by and composed by Harry H. Williams & Egbert Van Alstyne
Performed by Burt Shepard (1854-1913)
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