In those good old days, in those costume plays,
When a song was called a lay, sir,
When they played high jinks, and they said methinks,
'Tis well, alack a day sir!
Out! varlet out! thou't a clumsy lout
Ha! sayest thou, thou wilt, sir?
Split me! Zoundsl Odd's blood! thou shalt chew the cud!
Have at thee in friendly tilt, sir!

Chorus: To say they never swore in the good old days of yore,
Would be highly incorrect, sir;
They heartily abused one another when they used
The words that I select, sir.

In those good old days, in those costume plays,
They'd carry on a dispute in,
Language most polite; though we moderns might
Consider it high falutin!
"Thou should'st feel the weight, on that ugly pate
Of my trusty Toledo blade, sir!
But I would not hurt such a malapert
Nay! Beshrew me! I'm not afraid, sir!"


In those good old days, in those dear old days,
When folks would say, "I ween," sir,
By my troth, gad zooks! but I like thy looks,
Thou hast a courtly mien, sir;
Pledge my true love's name by my knightly fame,
Her eyes like stars do shine, sir,
Stap my vitals, sir; thou'rt a mangy cur!
Go to! Thou'rt flushed with wine, sir!


Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Charles Ingle
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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