In a sweet little verdant valley with the mountains high above
Looking down with snowy splendour lives the little girl I love
Just a simple Switzer maiden but so sweet and so divine
But my heart is ever yearning for the day when she'll be mine.

Chorus: In the valleys of Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland
With my sweetheart hand in hand how I long to be
I know she will be waiting there,
Waiting there, waiting there
And the home with me she'll share
In the valleys of Switzerland.

In her eyes the tears were shining on the day I said good-bye
Leaving home and love fortunes in a far off land to try
I can see her sad and lonely as that parting she recalls
Of her absent love dreaming when the twilight softly falls.


But a golden day is dawning. Home again I soon shall go
Where the snow lies on the mountains, but the hearts beat warm below
I shall feel those tender kisses that I've yearned so oft in vain
With my loving arms around her, never more to part again.

Performed by Annie Purcell (d. 1932)
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