Innocent Bessie from the fields of hay
One day came to town, big country town
Oh, she would blush in such a simple way
At anything rude. So goody good
Betsie had a poodle dog sent to her from France
Blushed to see it's bald bare legs,
So she made him wear some pants.

Innocent Bessie Brown, once to the sea went down
Saw the people bathing in such short scanty clothes
A chap said, 'Have a swim dear', but she blushed like a rose
And pretty Innocent Bessie Brown put on a baby frown
And said, 'If I went swimming in such scanty linen
All the fishes would see too much of me.'
Innocent Bessie Brown.

Young Mr Well to Bessie said one day
'Come out in my car, we'll travel far
Let's take a trip by moonlight, eh.'
And then she said, 'Oh I'd love to go
But suppose the motor car breaks down in the night'
Mr well said, 'Oh, I'd fit you in some hotel alright.'

But innocent Bessie Brown said, 'If we should break down
An accident when a car is bad, Mr Well
But not so bad as accidents in a strange hotel'
And pretty Innocent Bessie Brown said, 'I shall stay in town.
For if with you I ride, you'll never know,'she cried
And then she tamped down her eyes, oh she was wise
Innocent Bessie Brown.
Written and composed by Irvin Berlin - 1912
Performed by Beth Tate (b. 1890)
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