I'm not a merry widow and I'm feeling far from gay
Although I'm always for a smile for poor old John who passed away
For ever since the happy day that I became a wife
I always felt that I couldn't get enough of - er - married life
Not very long do I intend a widow to remain
For after all, I don't see why I shouldn't wed again
My one desire is for a friend, all kind and loving free
Someone who'll start, where John left off and make a fuss of me.

Chorus: So is anybody looking for a widow? I'm a most deserving case
Poor John, now he's gone, I want somebody to take his place
I'll make a loving little wife, you can try me for a term
But don't you forget there's nothing like dealing
With an old established firm.

John wouldn't want to see me want for cash, he wasn't quite that sort
Although he wasn't liberal he never kept me short
He'd tell me just to help myself, although since we was wed
His trousers every night he'd hang up on his side of the bed
Although I often said to wed again would be unkind
I think if someone presses me perhaps I'd change my mind
The ‘appy ‘ome is all complete. Please don't be afraid
And if you're fond of children I've a family ready made.


I've a cosy little flat, it won't cost you a cent
John's insurance money is enough to pay the rent
I've also two nice suits of clothes, he'd always get up strong
The trousers I could shorten if you found they were too long
A widow too should be preferred to any single Miss
She knows the tricks of all the trade that bring connubial bliss
I don't mind if he's dark or fair so long as he is nice
And if he's only twenty-one he needn't ask me twice.

Written and composed by Harry Gifford - 1908
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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