'Twas a June afternoon, and a sentimental coon
Stood alone in the shadow of the trees
There was no-one around, and you couldn't hear a sound
'Cept the hummin' and the buzzin' of the bees
You can guess I suppose , at the reason why he chose
To be there, if you can't, then I'll explain
He had to come to meet a gal, but she wasn't punctual
So the coon began to murmur in a melancholy strain,

Chorus: 'I'se a-waiting for yer Josie
In the old place all alone
And I want yer, want yer, want yer just to tell me
That you love me and you're my own
I'm so lonely, lonely, lonely, Josie Dear, waitin' all alone for you
Drop you're occupation, and take a short vacation
And bring me consolation Josie, do.'

Now the gal was aware that her coon was waiting there
And she peeped through the window with a smile
She was filled with delight as she said it's only right
Just to keep that Negro waitin' for a while
And besides, she was sure that he'd want her all the more
If for him she pretented not to care
So she lingered on and on, till an hour had nearly gone
And she listened to his pleading, as he warbled over there,

Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh - Henry E. Pether
Recorded 1906 by G.H. Elliott (1884-1962)
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