Of Sharps and Flats this worlds composed,
No doubt you've heard of that ,
By folks who think they're clever,
I'm oft taken for a Flat;
I was not born but yesterday,
So whenever they may try,
Their hand on Charlie Baker, they
Are sure to hear me cry.

Chorus: It don't suit Charlie Baker,
It won't suit Charlie Baker,
Wide awake is Charlie Baker
It's not good enough for me. Oh no.

When strolling in a Billiard Room,
Invited to a game,
By those who think they're up to snuff,
They'll find me 'bout the same;
Sometimes a drinks, proposed , of course,
No jovial fellow 'nay's,
Unless some cad , who likes to toss,
Proposes 'odd man pays'.

SPOKEN - I can either stand a glass, or do a gentle flutter amongst some friends for sport, but the scientific odd man pays,


Whilst walking down the Strand one day,
A fellow quickly stopped,
And picked from off the pavement
A ring that had been dropped;
Call'd me aside, look here Sir,
At this diamond ring I've found,
I am poor, want money badly,
You shall have it for a pound.

SPOKEN - Splendid diamond ring, only a pound, worth at least five shillings a dozen, in Birmingham, no my friend,


At races too, the betting men
All seem to fancy me,
Want me to back some 'certainty'
To win, or one, two, three.
Give a long price 'gainst some 'outsider',
From a 'fiver' to a 'crown'
But I like to see the numbers UP
Before my money's DOWN.

SPOKEN - I can fully appreciate their kindness in being anxious that I should win a pot of money but I am compelled to remark to Mess™ Welchtm and Slope of Manchester,


I travel on the line sometimes,
When for a trip inclined,
One day I'd nearly lost the train,
I was so much behind;
'Make haste Sir,' said the Guard, 'we're off.'
As he pushed me into the train,
In the carriage I found a female alone,
So, I soon jumped out again.

SPOKEN - Rather, there's not a man more fond of the society of ladies than I am, but travelling fifty miles by rail all alone with one is quite a different matter, somehow I don't feel safe and no communication between passenger and Guard, I read the papers, so that kind of travelling,


So as you jog along my boys,
Take care of number one,
And keep your two eyes open,boys,
Or else you may be done.
With this advice, I'll say 'adieu',
I can no longer stay;
And should you wish another song,
Why, all that I can say is,

Written and composed by G.W. Hunt - 1871
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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