It ain't a easy thing to 'old yer 'ead up 'igh
To see if I'm mistaken, just you go an' 'ave a try
There's allus someone at yer 'eels a-tryin' ter drag yer down
My shadder, just at present, is a bloke named Billy Brown
'E 'asn't got a sou above a quart pot and a pipe
'E's 'andy wiv 'is dooks, an' allus ready for to swipe
An' if I'm seen 'ob-nobbin' wiv a bloke of that low type
It gits me talked abaht.

'E ain't pertickler wot 'e sez, an' allus hinterferes
There's sure to be a shindy when 'is ugly mug appears
'E told a pal o' mine as I'd done eighteen months in quod
For sellin' two pianners as I'd 'ad in on the nod
Well, wot am I to do? It ain't no good to say 'e's tight
'E drinks, but never takes too much, 'e doesn't think it's right
I calls 'im ''oly friar', an' of course that means a fight
And it gits me talked abaht.

I ain't a bit stand hoffish, and I never lose my 'ead
But flirtin' ain't my line at all, I don't intend to wed
There's Tilly Smith, a decent gal, but forward, that's to say
She will make heyes an' wink, until I longs to get away
She's took a fancy to me, an' I'm blowed if I know why
I gives her no encouragement, I wouldn't dare to try
But hif she will carry hon like that, I'm certain bye-an'-bye
It'll git me talked abaht.

They say as I've got talent in the 'istrionic line
Playin' 'indlegs of the helephant in East End Pantermine
My 'people' was agin it, but I gradually riz
Now my 'eart is in them 'indlegs, an' I dearly love the biz
It hupsets our 'ome circle, the selectest in New Cut
When in a play by William Shakespeare I made my debut
Sez ma, 'I calls it hinferadig. 'E must be off 'is nut,
It'll git us talked abaht.'

To keep the pot a-billin' when all other work is off
I patented a mixture for the gout or 'oopin' corf
It wasn't too successful, so I calls it 'pills' instead
'Green pills for yaller People' was the way the advert read
One patient most impatient swore it only brought on chills
Says I, 'You ain't a yaller person; you're the kind it kills'
'E 'ad me up in Bow Street, but it advertised the Pills
It got 'em talked abaht.
PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Alfred E. West
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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