The latest motto business men are using nowadays
Is advertise extensively for advertising pays
Whilst strolling through the town today the thought occurred to me
That advertising is the thing that really ought to be
A poster caught my eye at once, I stopped behind and read
It showed a lovely sea-side scene and underneath it said,

Chorus: What's the matter with dear old Blackpool
A cheerful little place beside the sea
Everybody's happy-go-lucky - never seem to care
There's something in the atmosphere
That gets you when you're there
At dear old Blackpool in the Summer time
You'd want to spend a holiday sublime
It's the place to bill and coo in
And there's always something doin'
At dear old Blackpool every time.
Written and Composed by O'Hagan & Williams
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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