Once I was single, happy and contented
I always hadhalf-a-sovereign in my purse
Until I chanced to fall in love with Mabel
I took her on just for better and for worse
When I had entered the bands of happy wed-lock
I felt as proud as a King upon his throne
After a year I have altered my opinion
I only wish now I'd left the girls alone.

Chorus: It was a sad, sad day for me, my friends
Now we've got two lovely twins and I suffer for my sins
There's no room for me in bed, I sleep with the fowls instead
It was a sad, sad day for me.

One day I strayed form the chosen path of virtue
I found myself on the course at Kempton Park
Some fellow there I think they call a bookie
Asked me if I'd kindly stand up as his clerk
He said, 'You just shout out 'Six to Four the field' sir.'
While I was shouting the bookie walked away
Crowds gathered round me as soon as it was over
They said, 'We've found you, come on now, cockie, pay.'

Chorus: It was a sad, sad day for me, my friends
For they chased me round the place, pulled my hair and smacked my face
Then they tore off all my clothes blacked my eyes and broke my nose
It was a sad, sad day for me.

I take the girls'class every Sabbath morning
Round our way, at a little Sunday school
Last Tuesday week we took them for their school treat
Where I'm afraid that I made myself a fool
We went to Ramsgate -you talk about a beanfeast
I got so tired, for I romped about all day
We had mixed bathing to satisfy the teachers
I joined the throng, and I much regret to say.

Chorus: It was a sad, sad day for me, my friends
I was bobbing up and down with Miss Davis and Miss Brown
When I heard such a screech, saw my missis on the beach
It was a sad, sad day for me.
Written and composed by F. Leo - 1901
Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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