Last night I went out with the boys
And oh what a dirty night too
Got home at three and it's easy to see
The kind of reception the wife's given me
How long I've been pulling this bell
Is really a subject for doubt
I must have been here now for - oh wait a bit
Now let's try to work the thing out.

Chorus: It was three o' clock in the morning
When I landed home last night
It was four o' clock in the morning
When I kicked the door for spite
It was five o' clock in the morning
When the cabman I tried to bilk
Now I'm going to wait until half-past eight
And be taken in with the milk.

I've knocked at the door for five hours
The wife must have heard me by now
If she's in bed - she sleeps just overhead
And I've knocked sufficient to wake up the dead
Sh! I've got an idea at last
I think this will wake her all right
And yell out this Chorus:with me once again
Now, come on, once more, all your might,

Written and composed by Worton David & Ralph Penso - 1912
Performed by Arthur Reece (1870-1964)
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