My old man is a very funny chap
He's an artist in the Royal Academy
He paints pictures from morning until night
Paints them with his left hand, paints them with his right
All his subjects, take a tip from me
Are very “Eve and Adamy”
And I'm the model that has to pose
For his pictures every day.

Chorus: And it's all right in the summertime
In the summertime it's lovely
While my old man's painting hard
I'm posing in the old back yard
But Oh, Oh In the wintertime
It's another thing you know
With a little red nose, and very little clothes
And the stormy winds do blow, Oh, Oh,

One day I am Cupid with a dart
And another day a fairy beautiful
I pose as Venus rising from the sea
In the water-butt with the water to my knee
Then he hangs me out upon the line
You see I have to be so dutiful
As I hang there, oh, he paints me as
An angel in the sky.


My old man, oh, he plays a funny game
And I've only just begun to tumble him
All day long he's running out of paint
But the paint is whiskey, don't you think it ain't
These are all the clothes I've got to wear
But I've made up my mind to humble him
I'll take a walk up the West one day
Just dressed up as I am.

Written and composed by George Everard & Alan Murray - 1902
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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