Of love at first sight you have heard. Well, I'm a luckless cove
And love a lass upon my soul who lives in Westbourne Grove
At the charming game of croquet I have been her partner twice
I love her, ain't it naughty, well it's naughty but it's nice.

Chorus: You cannot say it's wicked
It's not a glaring vice
You can only say it's naughty
Well it's naughty but it's nice.

Last night I called at Westbourne Grove and asked if she would go
A walk and we would talk of love, at first she answered 'No'
Then consented, and we talked and talked, I thought it Paradise
But she said 'twas wrong, I answered well it's naughy but it's nice.


I put my arm about her waist, her form I gently pressed
And then she laid her lovely head upon my manly chest
I kissed her two times on the cheek, I would have kissed her thrice
But I whispered, 'Ain't it naughty?' She said, 'Yes, but it's so nice.'


Today she asked if we might wed, her Ma exclaimed, 'My Dear
You must not think of marrying Fred for many and many a year
It's wicked, Miss, your Ma and Pa and home to sacrifice
To get married, Well I know' said she, 'It's naughty but it's nice.'

Chorus: 'If you think marriage wicked Ma,
You're guilty of that vice
You perhaps may call it naughty,
But you also know it's nice.'

Her parents have consented, in two years she will be
My wife so now you know the tale I hope you will give to me
The same applause that from you all so often I entice
It's naughty pr'haps to ask it but to get it is so nice.
Written, composed and performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904) - 1873
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