Throughout the ups and downs of life some funny things are seen
How often we hear people say they wish they were dead
There must be something wrong about the head
When a fellow says he wishes he were dead
When life has been a frost, and they find position lost
Instead of working harder and retrieving it
They tell us in their woe, from the world they'd like to go
But I notice they are very slow in leaving it.

Chorus: It's the best, best world that we've ever seen as yet
And none can bet we'll ever see a better
Trouble comes, of course, it may be thro' a horse
A lady, or a liar, or a letter
We frown, frown, frown when we're down, down, down
But don't say die because you're out of form
This world may be cold, very, very cold
But the next may be very very warm.

The ladies are as bad, or worse, for trouble they will bring
You may be late for dinner, or forgotten, p'r'aps, a ring
She wants to leave the earth the silly thing
And all because you haven't bought a ring
And even to your wife - she will vow to take her life
If you don't consent to have her mother in
Rude names at you are hurled, and she says she'll leave the world
But she doesn't leave the world, she brings another in.


It's an easy thing to grumble, it's the easiest job we do
And maybe that's the reason why myself and all of you
Are always grumbling and growling too
For grumbling's such an easy thing to do
If they leave you in the shade, you are only being paid
For your sins and all your wild oats you've been sowing too
So wipe away the tear - when we're here, we know we're here
But I'm hanged if we can tell where we are going to.

Performed by George Lashwood (1863-1942)
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