When big Sam, a coon who'd been to Mexico
Went back to his home and friends in Ohio
They all thought that he had made a pile of 'dough'
And guessed he'd make some sort of show
But he never drove home in a motor car
No big diamonds flashing in his tie
They asked him, in whispers, how much he was worth
And philosophic Sam made this reply,

Chorus: I've enough and a little to spare
I don't envy the millionaire
Hustling and bustling around all day
For money, money, money everywhere
Kase the dollars bring plenty of care
So I don't want dem riches rare
Through the world I'll slide - quite satisfied
With enough and a little to spare.'

When Sam asked a lovely girl to be his bride
All the gal's relations they were swelled with pride
Guessed he'd live in some big house with staircase wide
And gilded furniture inside
But Sam said, 'A log hut's good enough for me
Made cosy with rush mats on the floor
And sun flowers a-growing in my own back yard
With my gal by my side, I'll want no more.'

Performed by Dora Lyric (1879-1962)
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