I've just returned from Epsom, sich a rollicking time I've 'ad
I left the doner ravin' an' a tearin' 'er 'air like mad
She thought as 'ow I wouldn't mind 'er carryin' on a bit
She's come off second best I fink you'll everyone admit

Chorus: 'Cos I've got 'er 'at, an' a good un too at that
She tipped a wink to Billy Brown
An' whispered 'See me take 'im down'
But I've got 'er 'at. Yuss! I've sneaked 'er tile
She's gone off wiv anover bloke
But I've got 'er 'at.

When fust I see as Billy meant a-cuttin' his old pal out
I fetches 'im sich a beauty on the tip of 'is ugly snout
Then woman-like she takes 'is part an' shivers an' shakes, an' glares
An' calls me 'Cowardy custard' for a-proppin' 'im unawares.


A crowd collected very soon, an' Billy gits awful brave
Sez 'e, 'Just fank your stars they're 'ere, you've 'ad the narrowest shave'
The doner 'olds 'im back an' I just wivvers 'im wiv a look
Then blowed if she doesn't go for me an' slings my bloomin' 'ook.

PDF Sheet Music
Words by Albert Chevalier - Music by Charles Ingle
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