Come along and listen to me, my baby Lou,
I've got news to tell.
That girls eyes will glisten when I tell it to you,
I know well.
Please don't keep me waiting 'coz I must tell you soon,
What I heard today.
You will know why I am such a light-hearted coon,
When I say...

Chorus: I've had my fortune told, crossed the gypsy's hand with gold.
She said, I'm a very luck coon, there'll be a wedding very soon.
She said that I would wed, a lov-e-ly girl named Lou.
There'll be six little coons gonna have to love and share,
With big brown eyes and lovely, curly hair.
Just like you.

When the gypsy told me I'd have riches to share,
With my sweetheart, Lou.
Then I said I'd build a castle up in the air,
Just for you.
Sweetest thing she told me was that you'd be my wife,
Wedding bells will ring.
Name the day that you will make me happy for life,
Then I'll sing...


Performed by G.H. Elliott (1884-1962)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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