I have been trying to find you a Chorus
Something that you can all sing
This is the verse, when I get to the Chorus
I think you'll say, 'That's just the thing.'
It came to me like a bright inspiration
Haunts me the whole of the day
I haven't struck an idea for the verses
But still, I am thankful to say,

Chorus: 'I've struck a Chorus:, and I want you all to sing
It's a glorious Refrain: - let it go with might and main
It's a beautiful Chorus:and as easy as can be
But if you know what it's all about
You know a lot more than me.

I was arrested one night by a p'liceman
Singing this song in the street
Next day they took me before Mr Plowden
Said he, 'You are most indiscrete
You struck the officer, so he informs me
Your fine I'll have to increase.'
I said, 'I swear before you and this court, sir
I've never yet struck the police, but


Recitative: One night I woke up with a start
And I found the house on fire
The firemen played upon it, but
The flames crept higher and higher
I looked down from my window, and
The crowd yelled, 'Come on, jump.'
I did - and landed on me - well
I went a fearful bump
I said to one young fireman, 'What
Caused my house to ignite?'
Said he, 'Someone has struck a match
And thrown it down alight
And caused your house to catch.'
Said I, 'Believe me, Fireman, I
Don't know who struck a match, but

Written and composed by F. Leo - 1908
Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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