You've heard me tell the story how I waited at the church
And how the wretched bounder went and left me in the lurch
The way he made me spend my cash on all my twiddley bits
But what I haven't told you is the way that I got quits
I found out where his missus lives, and to myself, I think
I'll just go round to say to Mrs Obadiah Binks.

Chorus: I'm the girl he left in the lurch
I'm the girl who was waiting at the church
But I've got another fellow in my eye
So I'm all right without him
I found out where his wife was hid. Told her all he said
Told her all he did
There's a very dark night in front of him
For I told his missus all about him.

She sympathised with me, she did, as any woman might
She said 'Yes he's been courting you, but I'm the one he's caught
Only wait till he comes home, when the lights are low and dim
I'll give him 'Wife won't let me' when I lay my hands on him'
Before we parted, she showed me her twins so large and fine
I said 'I've been unlucky, or they might have both been mine.'

Written and composed by Harrington - Tate
Recorded 1907 by Vesta Victoria
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