George was in love with a sweet little miss, deep in love
Brains - they say that he hadn't got any
Still he had a knowledge of botany
Her name was Ivy Leaf, and every night for hours
He would serenade her thus' in the language of the flowers.

Chorus: 'Ivy, Ivy, why don't you cling to me?
I've tried a rose, a lily, a daisy
But you're the one that's driving me crazy
I'm off my geranium, no fuschia can I see
Fancy I'm a ruin, Ivy, and cling to me.'

George was employed in a big flower shop, all day long
Gave the patrons orchids for crocuses
Ivy she quite upset his focuses
Poor creeping Jennies, he would trample them on the floor
After business hours he'd go serenading her once more.


Ivy got married to some other chap, oh, poor George!
Lost his head and good situation too
Caught the first train out of the station, too
Now does odd gardening jobs, he's pining the years away
As he pins the ivy on to the wall, you'll hear him say,

Performed by Lily Lena (b. 1877)
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