I went up North for a holiday to the toon of Aberdeen
And a sweet Scotch lassie came my way and they called her Bonnie Jean
I threw a kiss at her with glee, and she threw half a brick at me
Her playful way entranced me quite
And now I'm singing day and night, Ah

Chorus: 'Jean, jean, Jean, from Aberdeen
She's the finest lassie I've ever, ever seen
I mustn't tarry for I want to marry
Jean, Jean from Aberdeen.'

I stayed until my funds were gone in the toon of Aberdeen
Then oatmeal porridge I lived on, and all through Bonnie Jean
She took me walks around the town, and on a thistle sat me down
It made me do the Highland fling, and mournfully to her I'd sing.


I nearly lost my precious life in the toon of Aberdeen
When I whispered, 'Won't you be my wife?' to the gentle Bonnie Jean
Said she, 'I'll wed you all correct, that's if my husband don't object.'
And when her husband came that way, he scarcely left me strength to say.

Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
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