Jeremiah, in quite a smart attire
In a German band, each day would play so grand
His trombone, he'd make it moan and groan
In ragtime, drag time,
Ump-ta-ra-ta! Sadie Brown
Once heard him play in town
And that melody filled Sadie's heart with glee
And each time she heard dear Jerry play
She would roll her eyes and say,

Chorus: 'Jere-Jeremiah, my heart's on fire
Play again that sweet refrain
Ump-ta-ra-ta Ump-ta-ra-ta
Jere-Jeremiah, it's the finest tune I've known
Rag it drag it zig-zag-zag it
On your rag-time trombone.'

Every night Miss Sadie with delight
Went around to hear her Jeremiah dear
There'd she stay until she heard him play
That soulful, doleful
Ump-ta-ra-ta Filled with joy
She'd watch her darling boy
And that sweet refrain
Got so much on her brain
That each night as in her bed she lay
In her dreams she'd softly say,


Wedding bells the happy sequel tells
At the church one-day you hear the parson say
'This man's wife will you become for life?'
And Sadie Brown answers
Ump-ta-ra-ta Home they go
The champagne starts to flow
But when speeches there
Begin to fill the air
Sadie cries 'Instead of speeches dear
Something else I'd like to hear.

Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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