I've 'ad four 'arf-pints at the Magpie and Stump
An' two goes o' rum jes to keep up my sperrits
My mince-pies are waterin' jes like a pump
An' they are as red as a ferrits
'Cos why? tain't the missis nor kids wot I've lost
But one wot I careful-lie doctored an' fed
The nussin' an' watchin' 'as turned out a frost
The Jeerusalem's dead.

Chorus: Yer won't see 'im pullin' the barrer no more
Wi' me an' the missis a-sellin' the coke
'E died 's arf'ernoon at a quarter ter four
But I think that it's rougher on me than the moke.

'E 'ad a big 'eart an' a strong pair o' 'eels
A temper as short as was e'er manufactured
In 'arness 'e used ter do 'ornpipes an' reels
An' my ribs 'e once fractured
'E bit like the devil, and eat like a 'orse
An' orfen 'e'd try ter stand up on 'is 'ead
It's all over now wiv 'is tricks an' 'is sauce
The Jeerusalem's dead.


I stroked 'is old 'ead as 'e laid in the stall
An' somehow or other I felt I must kiss 'im
I've a wife an' some youngsters, 'e wasn't
Quite all, but I know I shall miss 'im
There's one thing I'm certain, 'is grub was the best
An' I've gone short myself ter purvide 'im a bed
Come an' 'ave 'arf a pint - there's a lump in my chest
The Jeerusalem's dead.

Written and composed by Brian Daly & John Crook
Recorded by Albert Chevalier
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