You've not forgotten where we met that day?
Down at St Jimmy's, Piccadilly way
At first you did not know me - you were coy
Until I stood a bottle of 'The boy'
I was not flush, but there, we'll let that pass
If I'd no coin love, you had lots of brass
I've not forgotten what it cost that day
Down at St Jimmy's Piccadilly way
I said, 'Perhaps you're waiting, waiting for someone here.'
You blushed and said, 'I'm waiting, waiting for Lord de Vere
A nobleman, a friend of mine, Ah, here he is! A glass of Wine?'
You fed him from the bottle-mine
You beauty.

You introduced me to some friends that day
Down at St Jimmy's, Piccadilly way
Two Lords, three Dukes, a Marquis and an Earl
Who said you were an 'awfully jolly girl'
I tipped and paid the waiter for more drinks
The Marquis tipped him also, but in winks
The dinner o'er I thought he meant to pay
He'd such a free and Piccadilly way
But when the bill was brought up Marquis said, 'Waiter, here
You really must excuse me, there's some mistake I fear
This sort of thing's all very fine it's true that I came here to dine
And then he said the bill was mine
You beauty.

I've not forgotten what took place that day
Down at St Jimmy's, Piccadilly way
D'you know that I was awfully mashed until
You said I owed his lordship's little bill
I did feel hurt - it wasn't for the 'oof'
But oh, to think a girl I loved could spoof
I showed you 'twas a game that two could play
I think I won it Piccadilly way
For I addressed the waiter, 'I say old chappie, here
You're awfully good at waiting, you'll have to wait, I fear
Tomorrow, be it wet or fine, I shoot the moon at half past nine
And so I'll be owing mine.'
You bounder.
PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & John Crook
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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