To a far off land goes Johnny Macintyre
For there seems no room for him at home
He's the kind of sturdy fellow they require
In the new lands waiting o'er the foam
Johnny's sweetheart now is bidding him good-bye
And she's bravely keeping back her tears
'You will win good luck, dear Johnny, if you try
And although you stay away for years.'

Chorus: 'When you come back - Johnny Macintyre
You will find me waiting for you
When you come back - Johnny Macintyre
You will find me loving and true
If it's bad luck - Johnny Macintrye
That you meet over the sea
Never mind, Johnny, be bright and bonny
And come back, Johnny, to me.'

In a far off land works Johnny Macintrye
But there seems no fortune for him there
And although his brave heart still is full of fire
Yet there come dark moments of despair
It's a hard, rough life, but Johnny doesn't mind
There's a bright thought cheers him day by day
'Tis the thought of one he had to leave behind
And the lad still seems to hear her say.


In that far off land waits Johnny Macintrye
For his sweetheart's sailing o'er the foam
'Come to me,' he wrote, 'I've all that we require
For a cosy, comfortable home.'
Though he's made no fortune, Johnny's got the pluck
That will always make him persevere
And he vows he had his biggest stroke of luck
When his sweetheart whispered in his ear.

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