Find the military man who's really worthy of the name
He's never behind hand when duty's to be done
He's the fellow you can trust to try
And win the game whatever the prize waiting to be won
By Jingo don't the girls know that as well as I
do? Isn't the fact made plain every day
When you see them strolling by a soldiers side
Who could ever be more proud than they?

Chorus: Jolly good luck to the girl that loves a soldier
Girls - have you been there?
You know we military men
Always do our duty everywhere
Jolly good luck to the girl that loves a soldier
Real good boys are we
Girls - if you'd like to love a soldier you can all love me.

Don't you think I'm a hero from the wars, because I'm not
But nevertheless I've faced powder don't you see
I've been in some engagements, too,
And some were duced hot, for one of the girls, nearly captured me
Great Scott! When I reflect how nearly I was done
For. well I could call myself horrible names
It would have been most unfair to marry one
For some other girl had equal claims.


Girls, I want to advise you will you please attend to me?
When choosing a sweetheart, pray choose the proper sort
Don't you have anything to do?
With men who sail the sea, they're regular flirts! Wives in every port
You'll never find a soldier act in such a way
I think to be hard on him's nothing but cheek
Perhaps you won't believe what I'm about to say
I was true to one girl all last week.

Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh & Kenneth Lyle - 1906
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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