Joshuah courted Miss May
To be correct I should say
She courted him for he was so shy
Dare not say Boo although' no one knew why
They walked out for months and for months
But he never asked her to wed
They'd sit hand in hand where the soft shadows fall
He'd sit there for hours and say nothing at all
So one night May blushingly said,

Chorus: Josh-u-ah, Josh-u-ah
Why don't you call and see Mama
She'll be pleased to know
You are my best beau
Josh-u-ah, Josh-u-ah
Nicer than lemon squash you are
Yes, by gosh you are

Joshua said he would call
But never meant to at all
He'd never met May's loving mamma
But he'd heard something of what mammas are
Each night he would see May to her gate
But never would venture inside
He'd give her a kiss and he'd wish her goodnight
Then quicker than thought he would vanish from sight
Whenever May lovingly cried.


They met a lady one day
“Oh look, there's Mother.” said May.
Joshua stared, said May with a sigh
“She is my step-mother, younger than I
The couple were soon introduced
He gazed with surprise at mamma
Perhaps he preferred her, perhaps lost his head
But Joshua married the Mother instead
And May never sings now to Pa.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by George Arthurs & Bert Lee
Performed by Miss Clarice Mayne (1886-1966)
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