Granddad sat at evenfall
'Neath the dear old garden wall
Where the ivy was clinging all around
And a maiden young and fair
With blue eyes and golden hair
Was nestling there beside him on the ground
"Some day you'll be leaving me
For a sweetheart," the old man sighed
"Some day be forgetting me"
But with a smile the maid replied

Chorus: 'Just watch the ivy on that old garden wall
Clinging so tightly, what e'er may befall
As you grow older I'll be constant and true
And just like the ivy, I'll cling to you.'

"When the ivy, years ago,"
Said the maiden, "Began to grow
Then that wall supported it with pride
Now the old wall's in decay
And is crumbling fast away
The ivy clings more tightly to it's side
Loving you have ever been
You have cared for me day by day
Loving I shall ever be
And always by your side I'll stay"

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Harry Castling
Performed by Marie Kendall (1873-1964)
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