When a girl is a little put out, or cross in her own little way
She is always a little in doubt as to what quite a lady should say
An accident p'raps may occur, say a fellow may tread on my dress
Now, what can I say on the spur of the moment my mind to express?

Refrain: Of course, he will murmur regrets,
Of course, I'm a little bit stung
But I cannot say what a gentleman may,
Though it's just on the tip of my tongue.

One day I went out for a while with one of the opposite sex
We were spooning in capital style when there came an intruder to vex
A very nice fellow 'tis true, but he certainly ruined the fun
For really good company's two, and three is decidedly none.

Refrain: We thought he would never go
And my nerves were a little unstrung
But wish him I couldn't where gentlemen shouldn't
Though 'twas just on the tip of my tongue.

Every girl will endevour to show a complexion as nice as can be
I remember once, not long ago, a beauty spot came upon me
It was luckily hidden from sight, this blemish to which I allude
I could not well bring it to light without being saucy or rude.

Refrain: I consulted a medical man,
To the winds I all modesty flung
The doctor said, 'Where?' I blushed and said, 'There!'
It was just on the tip of my tongue.

Every girl at least once in her day is likely, of course, to be kissed
Every girl at least once in her way will politely decline to resist
I was asked for one once I declare for men will our weakness abuse
The darling had taken his share before I had time to refuse.

Refrain: He asked in the nicest of ways
So sweet to a maiden so young
I didn't say, 'Yes', he saw it I guess
It was just on the tip of my tongue.
Performed by Lottie Collins (1866-1910)
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