While strolling down the street one eve upon mere pleasure bent
'Twas after business worries of the day
I saw a girl who shrank from me whom I recognised
My schoolmate in a village far away
'Is that you Madge?' I said to her, she quickly turned away
'Don't turn away, Madge, I'm still your friend
Next week I'm going back to see the old folks and I thought
Perhaps some message you would like to send.'

Chorus: 'Just tell them that you saw me,'
She said, 'they'll know the rest.
Just tell them I was looking well you know
Just whisper if you get a chance to Mother dear
And say, I love her as I did long, long ago.'

'Your cheeks are pale, your face is thin, come tell me were you ill?
When last we met your eye shone clear and bright
Come home with me when I go Madge, the change will do you good
Your Mother wonders where you are tonight.'
'I long to see them all again, but not just yet,' she said
''tis pride alone that's keeping me away
Just tell them not to worry, for I'm alright don't you know
Tell Mother I am coming home some day.'

Written and composed by Paul Dresser - 1895
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