They say that an Irishman dotes on three things,
His country, his girl and his glass;
But 'tis in the praise of the second he sings,
While bent upon courting a lass.
Well. that is exactly the case with myself,
And find them wherever you may,
Mine puts all the other colleens on the shelf,
So pride fills my heart when I say,

Refrain: Oh! Her name's Kate O'Grady,
(But she's no high-born lady)
True and modest as the daisies in the dell.
She's the best girl of any,
All around old Kilkenny,
And, sure, I'm her denny,
And she is my Irish belle!

Her merits are known to the country around
In fact she's the pride of the place,
And ev'ry sweet virtue on Earth, I'll be bound,
You'll read in her pure, honest face.
She's loving grey eyes and hair black as the sloe;
Sure from her I never would part,
For that I'm her darling 'tis heaven to know,
And she is the queen of my heart!


Her lot is but humble, the same as my own,
But still, we're contented and gay;
And oh! It is rapture, when strolling alone,
To talk of our bright wedding day!
We're both of us working as hard as we can,
A neat little home to provide,
And soon you will see me a proud married man,
With Katie, my own blushing bride!

Written and composed by Charles Osborne - 1891
Performed by Tom Carney (1859-1911)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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