When to my old girl I got married
I gave up my dear pals and ways
Life was all honey, but when I got money
I longed for my old sporting days
Last week the post brought a letter
From my racing pal Micky Burke
Micky wrote, 'Begora! there's racing tomorrow
We'll go, tell your wife you're at work
Last night when I went to my bed
The wife found the letter which read

Chorus: 'I'll wait for you at the gate of Kempton Park
Won't we have a day, I've had a wire to say
Fair Mollie's in splendid form, so keep it dark
And we'll have a fair old beano at Kempton Park.

My wife, who is awfully jealous
Determined the letter to keep
For as she sat scheming, in bed I lay dreaming
And talking aloud in my sleep
I raved over Mollie's performance
'Oh! an actress is she,' said my wife
'He speaks of her limbs too - but I'll limb her and him too'
She murmured in terrible strife
In the morn when I bade her good-bye
She said to herself in reply,


The wife set out for Kempton soon after
And took up her stand by the gate
I walked up so gaily, reading my daily
When , smash went her gamp on my pate
'Now where's your Fair Molly? she shouted
As she held me quite fast by the hair
Said I, 'Stop your folly - if you want Fair Molly
She's only a race horse - a mare.'
Well, we've settled the job out of court
I tease her now only for sport.

Written and composed by Harry Leighton - 1898
Performed by Pat Rafferty (1861-1952)
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