KIND WORDS WILL NEVER DIE - The Christy Minstrels
(I'm in trouble again... and I can get in it quicker than anybody. And I can't help women running after me!)

One day with me missis I had a big fight
She called me a fig and a fool in a spite
She said, 'You're insured and I don't care a rap
For two figs I'd undress you and give you the strap.'

Chorus: And kind words will never die
Never die, never die
For madness what do you think I did
I sold me Sunday tie.

(Oh you know you've got to put your foot down sometimes, I put mine down many a time but she never sees me)

I once went into a French barber's shop
The barber who shaved was a bit off the top
He sharpened his razor, then threw off his coat
And said, 'Keep quite still till I cut your throat.'

Chorus: And kind words will never die
Never die, never die
I filled his mouth with the lather pot
And then I filled his eye.

(Aye, it was a good job I didn't have me hair cut. He had weak eyes and no ambition)

One night to a Band of Hopemeeting I went
They said it's all right and it won't cost you a cent
Then all of a sudden the room it did ring
When a chap with a red nose he started to sing.

Chorus: 'My drink is water bright
Water bright,' I said, 'You're not right
Your drink is black and white
The signal's on your nose.'
Performed by The Christy Minstrels
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