Georgie White, every night
Used to call and see his bunch of delight
But Susie stuttered so much it's true
It took her half an hour to murmur 'I love you'
When the clock was striking nine
He'd give her a parting kiss
But he never got away till the break of day
And the reason was simply this. For

Chorus: Every time he tried to say 'Good night'
She'd say 'K-K-K-Kiss me again'
Every time he made for the door
She'd say 'K-K-K-Kiss me some more'
Then he'd stand, hat in hand, trying to escape in vain
But every time he tried to say 'Good night'
She'd say 'G-G-Georgie, turn out the light,
And c-c-come back and cuddle me tight
And K-K-K-Kiss me again

Georgie cried, spoony eyed,
'Tell me little popsywops that you'll be my bride'
Though he proposed the first of May
She didn't finish saying 'yes' till Christmas day
In the parlour they would spoon
Till they heard the milkman call
But since he gave her the ring, it's a marvellous thing
That he ever goes home at all. For


They got wed, and it's said
They were both delighted after twelve months had fled
A little stranger came into town
They took it to be christened by old Parson Brown
When he asked them baby's name
She said with a smile serene
'It's w-w-w-w woo' Well, before she was through
That young baby had turned sixteen

Written and composed by Wynn Stanley & Andrew Allen - 1921
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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