Some people think the gay lamplighter's nothing else to do
But light the lamps and put them out, then sleep the whole day through
But we have to clean these cigarettes*, the lamps too, in the day
With leather long and ladder strong, you'll see me dash away.

Chorus: I toddle along the busy throng, and make the glasses bright
I toddle along, whistle a song, and light 'em up at night
Down the alley, down the court, up the street and lane
I toddle along at early dawn and put them out again.

My job looks such an easy one that I am grieved to say
That people try to get my situation every day
They little dream that you must be a man of wondrous sense
Like the gentlemen who sweep the road, you must have experience.


* The lighting pole
Written and composed by Charles Brighton & Lizzie Namara
Performed by Little Tich (1867-1928)
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