Down by the seaside, watching the lee tide
Small boy playing with his pail
Laughing 'Ha, ha, ha,' says to his papa
'Johnny wants to go for a sail!'
Daddy gets a boat then - soon they're afloat then
Small boy looks very glum
Bends nearly double, then there's some trouble
In half a tick the end has come.

Chorus: He's left us, he's left us
Tho' much against his wishes
He's gone to the land where dear little boys
Never, never feed the fishes
On his grave in the old churchyard
They've written tender terms
'All through a sail upon the deep blue sea,
Johnny now is feeding worms.'

Nurse for amusement - down to the Zoo went
Taking the baby in a pram
Bent on some fun then - buys a few buns then
The elephant proceeds to cram
Baby is delighted - elephant excited - and soon gets very wild
Just winks a wink then - raises its trunk then
The darling little baby child.

Chorus: It left us, it left us, no more pap 'twill be needing
It's gone to the shore where there is no Zoo
Or elephants who're wanting feeding
Now, each day - its mother and dad
Minus their joy and pride
Go following the elephant round the grounds
Talking to the kid inside.

Our servant Liza - had a surprise
Late last Monday night
Talk about murder - you should have heard her
When the gas she went to light
From mantleshelf snatches - a large box of matches
Rushed in the drawing room
Forgot gas was left on - noise like a big bomb
She started on a trip to the moon.

Chorus: She left us - she's left us -
We tried our best to stop her
She blew the gas out (night before)
To please her beau the copper
She struck the match - and then up went
Servant girl - roof and all
Now everything is ready for the funeral
But we're waiting for the girl to fall.

Brown was a sailor -board of a whaler
Went one day for a sail
Out in the ocean - saw a commotion
Boatswain shouted - 'It's a Whale!'
Brown very soon then seized the harpoon
Then stuck it in the whale all right
Captain says 'Let go' - Brown says, 'Oh no.'
So holds the rope with all his might.

Chorus: He's left us - he's left us -
Wouldn't do what was told him
Away went the whale - and he went too
To a place not on the map
Now Brown's with the mermaids in the sea
Playing them at farthing nap.

Fifth of November one small member
A boy, thinking he'll be fly
From sister Hannah - pinches a tanner
And a rocket goes out to buy
Home he comes laughing - tittering and chaffing
Means himself to enjoy
Matches from his pocket - soon lights the rocket
Off it goes, and then the boy.

Chorus: He's left us - he's left us
He had his mild diversion
Then went far away on a trip from which
There's no cheap return excursion
'Twas a silly thing for him to do
To meddle with explosive things
If you ask where the kid is now - they say
'He's busy flapping golden wings.'
Written and composed by Harry Boden/Tom Carrick & Henry E. Pether - 1897
Performed by Tom Garrick (1868-1913) & Owen Way
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