One night half a dozen tourists
Met together in Trafalgar Square
A fortnight's tour on the Continent was planned
And each had his portmanteau in his hand
Down the Rhine they'd meant to have a picnic
Till Jones said I must decline
Boys, you be advised by me
Stay away from Germany
What's the good of going down the Rhine?

Chorus: Let's all go down the Strand
Let's all go down the Strand
I'll be leader you can march behind
Come with me and see what we can find
Let's all go down the Strand
That's the place for fun and noise
All among the girls and boys
So let's all go down the Strand.

One day five and twenty convicts
Sat in five and twenty little cells
The bell then sounded ding-a ding a dong
To exercise the prisoners came along
Burglar Ben explained to Jaggs the warder
To me sir its very strange
The men are tired of going round
Round and round the same old ground
I propose we make a little change.


Great crowds gathered round to welcome
Shackleton returning from the pole
The Lord Mayor welcomed all the crew
And said “My lads I've got a treat for you”
“Come with me the Mansion House awaits you
A banquet shall be supplied
But a tar in grumbling mood
Said, “We don't want any food”
Then he turned to Shackleton and sighed,

PDF Sheet Music
Performed by Charles R. Whittle
Written and composed by Harry Castling & C.W. Murphy
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