When I proposed to Eliza, after courting ten long years
She got so excited upon my word,
Behaved in a way that was most absurd
She threw her arms around my neck and began to chew my face
My collar and my tie and my little dicky dirt she knocked all out of place
I could not break away, so at last I had to say,

Chorus: 'Let go, Eliza! Eliza, Let go!
Kiss me, but dear, oh lor
Don't bite, it makes me sore
I know you love me, that's all right, but oh
Do take your teeth out of my whiskers
Eliza, let go!'

I took my wife to the seaside once, and there we hired a boat
I wanted to fish, for the day was fine
I soon got to work with my rod and line
I had a lovely bite at last and the wife jumped up with glee
She did a little hop and a funny little skip then tumbled in the sea
She grabbed my rod so tight that I cried with all my might

Chorus: 'Let go, Eliza! Eliza, Let go!
Don't hold my rod like that
I've caught a 'tiddlerbrat!'
Do keep your mouth shut, leave off struggling so
I can't go home without that 'tiddler'
Eliza, let go!'

While out one night with the wife, she said that she was feeling dry
We popped in a nice little private bar
And there stood a man with a big cigar
'Lor, what a lovely face,' he cried and the rascal kissed my wife
My blood began to boil, and the missis was afraid that I would take his life
She held my arm in fear, but I said, 'Don't hold me dear, -

Chorus: 'Let go, Eliza! Eliza, Let go!
That man's insulted you
I know what I will do
Curse him! how dare he treat my darling so
I'll have revenge - I'll drink his whiskey!
Eliza, let go!'

My wife goes on in a dreadful way when she's asleep at night
She once had a job in a draper's shop
She dreams of it now, and I wish she'd stop
Lor, what a dream she had last night, it was absolutely rough
A lot of calico she was selling by the yard and tearing up the stuff
I woke up with a start and I said, 'Lor bless my heart,-

Chorus: 'Let go, Eliza! Eliza, Let go!
Wake up, you stupid cat
What game is this you're at?
You're not at work now, serving calico
You've torn the tail off my best nightshirt
Eliza, let go!'
Written and composed by Charles Collins & Fred W. Leigh - 1902
Performed by Frank Seeley (d. 1913)
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